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Experimental Skin · Kunsthaus Graz

Oxford Brookes School of Architecture · BA Year 3

Experimental Skin explores through an Exploratory Research Journal and Dissertation the ‘skin’ of the Kunsthaus, an art museum in Graz designed by Spacelab.

Theo Jones Architecture Experimental Skin Kunsthaus Graz diagram section guide

Theo Jones Architecture Experimental Skin Kunsthaus Graz plan map city guide


The winning Kunsthaus Graz competition design spoke of a seamless laminated fabric skin of carbon threads, fluids, fiber optics, solar cells and varying transparency. The built building’s skin has little relation to the proposal; being made from opaque acrylic panels separated by large gaps and supported by substantial structure below. Did experimental Archigram rhetoric in the design studio lead to innovations in the built skin and what is the contemporary perspective on the competition ideas left behind?

LOCATION Graz, Austria

SUPERVISOR Christina Godiksen

RECOGNITION Awarded Reginald W. Cave Foundation Travel Scholarship


© Theo Jones · Creative Commons