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Skin model by Spacelab

Depart: Heathrow, London 07:40

It must be noted that this travel scholarship has enabled me to visit Graz with the primary focus Kunsthaus Graz, however I can’t help absorbing and commenting on the outside factors, historic, cultural and otherwise. With that said, this journal will have a somewhat scattered view of Graz, it does not aim to address the 900 years of history, why would it? That can be found on a handy tourist leaflet.

Having not been to the Kunsthaus before it was hard to define the exact nature of my research however in the run up to the trip I have become stuck on the concept of skin. This ties back into Archigram and an explanation on what Peter Cook call ‘experimental architecture’ (Cook, 1990). This sets off the initial goal – how does one address the skin of the Kunsthaus?

Arrive: Graz, Austria 12:30