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After buying polystyrene panels and various other small bits from the Kaspar Harnisch (arts supply shop) I spent last night and this morning working on the installation. Breaking down the panels and forming a new seamless, composite skin for me to wear.

Wearing the ‘proposed skin’ of the Kunsthaus, outside the Kunsthaus, is my comment or you could say a ‘sandwich board’ for Spacelab’s design. It drew some attention and interaction, maybe they took pity on me for looking so strange? Interestingly Franz told me he was an artist who has exhibited at the Kunsthaus many years ago and the woman with an umbrella is an architect. I guess this might tell you about the sort of people who are wondering past the Kunsthaus?

Importantly it has allowed me explore the key design changes within the skin, by becoming part of it and bringing it down to a human level – something people can actually touch. This has allowed me to focus my thoughts and ask questions. If there is such a contrast between the competition and what was built, was that studio work worth the time? Did the experimental design in the studio push innovations in the built skin, even though the result was different? How experimental is the skin? How do I define experimental?

All of which I feel are strong questions to conclude this exploratory journal and a good starting point for my dissertation.

Depart: Graz, Austria 17:50
Arrive: Heathrow, London 21:15