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The choice to travel to Graz and study the Kunsthaus Graz was no abstract decision. Being awarded the Reginald W. Cave scholarship makes this research possible. The Kunsthaus, a destination to explore as a designer. The Kunsthaus, a destination that make sense in the context of my experience.

As an architecture student I live the majority of my time in a detached hypothetical ‘experimental’ design world which could be mocked in Alastair Parvin‘s words as designing “salmon farms on mars” (2013). The Kunsthaus Graz on first glance stands out as a building that has fallen right out of a student project, seemingly using an ‘experimental’ form (if it was farming salmon from the near by river Mur no design tutor would bat an eyelid). There seems more to this than first reading and I want to find out what that is. Additionally exploring an ‘experimental’ agenda gives an opportunity to expand on my previous use of ‘experimental’ 1:1 interventions.