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Grand Ideas for Western’s Pier

Jan 5, 2012 | Architecture

Angus Meek Winning Design Grand Pier

Western-Super-Mare’s new Grand Pier opened in 2010, after the 1904 structure made headlines when it was destroyed by fire in 2008. Angus Meek won the design competition with what seemed like an exciting proposal (above), keeping some classic pavilion elements like the corner towers but with a design for Western’s future. A highly glazed front to draw you in and bright colours to take you down the boardwalk to the side of the pavilion.

Recently I visited the pier. Having grown up with Penarth Pier on my doorstop (about to start its own redevelopment) I was interested to experience something similar but on a grander scale. In reality, I found the final build uninspiring. Gone are the modern corner towers; I was presented with domed white structures with small spires. The dark semi glazed entrance did little to invite me in and sadly the only way to get the best views was dining in an empty but uninviting events room.

Photographs on Flickr.

Winning Concept © Angus Meek

© Theo Jones · Creative Commons