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TJ Clean - WordPress Theme

Version 1.1 (22/8/2011)
Last.FM support removed Please note: No future updates planned.

TJ Clean is a simple, clean cut WordPress theme. Ideal for personal blogs as it includes integration with Flickr (photo sharing), Last.FM (music sharing) and status updates from Facebook/Twitter.

Download | Installation

Inspired and based on Derek Powazek’s Depo Clean Theme. Compatible with WordPress 2.0 – 3.8.x (not checked on earlier or later versions)


  • Single Column
  • 5 Colour Options
  • Easily Customizable
  • Quick Bookmarking/Sharing with AddThis
  • Tagging Support
  • Large ‘block’ Footer
  • Rotating Footer ‘block’
  • Flickr Photo Stream Integration (with FlickrRSS)
  • Last.FM CD Covers Integration (with Last.FM Records)
  • Twitter/Facebook (or other microblog) Integration (with StatusPress/SimpleTwitter)
  • Valid XHTML Strict 1.0
  • Valid CSS 2.1


1. Download and extract. This is a good time to customize your colour/footer options. See here.
2. Upload the ‘tj-clean’ folder and all its contents to:
3. Login to your WordPress admin and activate the theme in the ‘Design’ tab. The theme will now be working, but it will not have its full functionality.
4. You now need to download and install the following plugins and edit the following settings.

  • FlickrRSS – Download, install and activate. Go to the settings (in wp-admin) and add your ‘ID Number’. Display? = using 8 Square images.
  • Last.FM Records – Download, install and activate. Go to the settings (in wp-admin) and add your Last.FM username. How to display images? = All images equal size. Add stylesheet? = No. Image count? = 8. Image Width? = 75.
  • Status MessageTwitter: SimpleTwitter – Download, install, active. Go to the setting (in wp-admin) and add your Twitter username.Facebook: This is a little more complicated than Twitter. The plugin StatusPress created by Adam Walker Cleaveland needs to be edited to work with this theme so download this version from me. Install and activate. You now need to get your Facebook RSS feed.
    1. Go to
    2. Copy the ‘Subscribe via RSS’ link location.
    3. Edit your link by changing the word “notifications” to “status”. You now have a status RSS Feed. Then you need to edit ‘header.php’ in the ‘tj-clean’ directory. Find the phrase ‘yourfacebookfeedhere’ and replace it with your Facebook RSS feed (keep the quote marks).

Customize Options

Most of the theme is black, white or grey however there are areas of colour. Wherever you have a link colour is used to highlight and the RSS Feed icon is coloured. The default theme unedited is using the Orange color theme.

  • Orange #FF6600
  • Pink #FF0066
  • Red #FF0000
  • Blue #0099FF
  • Purple #CC00FF

Included in ‘tj-clean’ directory is a CSS file for each colour (‘styles.css’ is Orange as its in use). For example to make the text highlight Blue not Orange, rename (or remove) ‘style.css’ to ‘style-orange.css’, then rename ‘style-blue.css’ to ‘style.css’. That’s it! The same system can be used to change the RSS Feed icon color. In ‘tj-clean/images’ there is a Feed icon to match each colour option. Just rename the gif file you want to use to ‘feed.gif’.


Released under Creative Commons – Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
That means you’re welcome to modify it and share it as long as you keep the ‘license.txt’ file in the ‘tj-clean’ directory.


22/8/11 – Released version 1.1 Last.FM Records not displaying due to plugin update. Removed support. Edited instructions for setting up Facebook RSS feed.

© Theo Jones · Creative Commons